08-09-2016-resizedDeborah Rene’ Needham Baker, Deb to her friends, was born some 50+ years ago.  She came to know Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a young girl of nine years old.  A little girl who had experienced some pretty significant hurts in her life even in that short number of years, it was music to her ears and her heart that there was someone who truly loved her.

Deb loves God’s Word with a passion and longs for others to desire God’s word in the same way.  Bible Study isn’t something to consider whether or not she will do it, because she knows first hand the truth that “these words are your life.”  She teaches Adult Sunday School class and has done so for what seems like most of her adult life.  She is a Precept Bible Study leader and has been leading Precept studies since 1992.    Since 2010 she has been involved with online Bible studies in one fashion or another in addition to Bible Study classes and Sunday School classes she has taught in the past at her local church and the group studies she has hosted in her home.    The current curriculum for these studies?  The entire word of God!  We’ve started in Genesis  and will move through the Bible chronologically  for as long as the Lord tarries His coming.  Deb has also been a speaker at Women’s Retreats where those in attendance know – “not gonna be any fluff, we’re getting seriously into God’s Word!”

One of her strongest passions is the Monday Evening Live Bible Study Class where the Bible is being studied chronologically and in depth, using Precept upon Precept workbooks available thru Precept Ministries, International.  Beginning in Genesis and working all the way thru to Revelation, folks gather together via a telephone conference call accompanied with live chat available here at Ancient Words Journey.  We have now completed the first five books of the Bible – the Pentateuch or Torah as you might refer to it (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy).  Beginning January 23, 2017 we pick back up with Joshua, Judges, Ruth and just continue right on thru.  If you would like to join in these classes, simply  send an email to onlinebiblestudy@sbcglobal.net and you will be provided with the credentials for the telephone conference call.

As a result of God’s leading  a new passion  for Deb is blending Bible Study and Art together.  She believes that  if she can get someone into the Word, even in the briefest of ways and yes now, especially through the venue of art, then an appetite will be whetted and it can only expand from there!  Deb hosts a gathering one Saturday each month at her home for this purpose originally called “Jots, Tittles and Precious Promises” (based on Matthew 5:18 and 2 Peter 1:4).  You can also access these brief devotions and begin to prepare your own journal.  I’d love for you to let me know if you’ve joined us remotely in doing some HEARTWORK NOT HOMEWORK.  We are currently studying and sharing through the Psalms.

Any and all of this is possible first of all because of the Lord Jesus Christ and her husband of 35  years, Roy, who has always been her biggest moral support this side of heaven.

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